3 Winter Tips For Every Driver


3 Winter Tips For Every Driver

December 24, 2019

3 Winter Tips For Every Driver

When it comes to dangerous driving conditions, you can never be reminded too many times on how to stay safe. Winter weather tips should always be taken seriously, especially when operating a semi-truck. Below you will find three tips for you this winter.

1. Scrape It All

Always allow time to scrape all of the ice off your vehicle. Make sure to look for ice or snow on all mirrors, windows, lights and reflective tape. This is crucial if you expect to see and be seen. Make sure to look out for other vehicles who did not take the time and have a limited area of visibility.

2. Take It Slow

The slower your speed, the better your traction. Take it slow, and if you are accelerating, make sure to do so gradually and at a slow pace. Put extra distance between yourself and other vehicles when on questionable roads and stay off your cruise control. As a rule, if your wipers are on, the cruise control should be off.

3. Stay Alert

You may be an excellent bad-weather driver, but unfortunately many others on the road with you are not. You must stay alert to what they might do unexpectedly. Always watch for brake lights ahead of you, and make sure your lights are working properly. Avoid driving in the ruts of other vehicles, as their spinning wheels will often pack the snow into ice.

Never forget how serious it is to drive in winter conditions. Always take the time to prep before starting your trip, take things slow, and be alert of other drivers on the road.

To see a larger list of winter driving tips, check out this article by Schneider. Stay safe out there drivers!

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