A World Without Truckers?


A World Without Truckers?

May 15, 2020

A World Without Truckers?

With all that is going on in the world right now, the question was raised “what would the world be like without truckers?” This is a very scary thought. We decided to ask our community of truck drivers, how they felt the world would be most impacted without them. Here’s what they said…

- “Total shutdown of the country.”

- “We’d all be growing our food, making clothing, bartering, and helping our neighbors more. Little House on the Prairie meets the 21st century.”

- “Would not have anything. Everything you have is brought by a truck at some point along the way.”

- “Our industry impacts every aspect of everyone's life! Without trucks, there would be bare shelves.  You might be able to get food from a farmer's market, but that's about it.”

- “People would be very hungry and thirsty. They would not have cars as no gas would be available.”

- “It would be a slower way of life. Be more of a communal society. Probably like something from medieval times. Where every village or town has their own cobbler, furniture maker, etc.”

- “Long time waiting for whatever you want to purchase or everything being more expensive probably by 10,000%. Since the majority of truck drivers take parts from one factory and deliver it to another factory so that factory can build its product.”

It can be easy to forget where all of the goods come from when the shelves are always stocked with what is needed. However, without truck drivers, those shelves cannot be restocked, and many more everyday resources would stop being available to us. Especially in times like these, we all need to be sure to recognize the importance and hard work of truck drivers, as the world would not be the same without them.

If you are a truck driver who has more insight to add to “what the world would be like without truckers”, join the discussion at braketime.com!

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