The 12-Volt Appliance Every Trucker Should Own


The 12-Volt Appliance Every Trucker Should Own

October 23, 2019

The 12-Volt Appliance Every Trucker Should Own

If you are a truck driver, you are likely aware of the benefits that cooking in the truck brings. RoadPro 12-volt travel appliances help make this a viable and convenient option for drivers of semi trucks, RVs, and many off-the-grid users. Appliances range from a coffee maker to a slow cooker, RoadPro Roaster, and more.

The RoadPro Roaster is a 12-volt travel appliance that is getting a lot of talk amongst the trucking community. It features a vented glass lid, non-slip rubber feet, and a 5-foot heavy-duty power cord. The Roaster fits a standard 6”x 9” baking dish or disposable aluminum pan and heats up to 225 degrees within minutes.

It can be used to make a variety of meals, such as this delicious Chicken and Vegetables recipe.



Members of the Brake Time community have had the opportunity to test the new appliance on their truck and gave nothing but positive feedback.

To see the full Roaster discussion, visit Brake Time with RoadPro today.

Whether you cook every meal in your truck or have never given it a try, the RoadPro Roaster is a must-have travel appliance for truckers. It is a great way to save money, eat healthier, and have a home-cooked meal in the cab of your truck.

Keep an eye out for the new Roaster in travel centers across America and share your recipes with us in the comments below.

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