RoadKing AM-FM CB Radio


AM-FM Classic CB Radio
  • AM-FM Classic CB Radio
  • AM-FM Classic CB Radio
  • AM-FM Classic CB Radio
  • AM-FM Classic CB Radio
  • AM-FM Classic CB Radio
  • AM-FM Classic CB Radio
  • AM-FM Classic CB Radio


AM-FM Classic CB Radio

CB Radio with AM-FM Bands

Item #: RKCBFM


  • Includes external hand held microphone
  • Dual Mode AM-FM bands
  • Full-featured
  • SWR meter
  • NB and ANL
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • RF gain control
  • Mic gain
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The first CB radio to provide a seamless transition between the CB radio, smartphone, and Bluetooth(r) headset with one touch. Pushing the multi-function button on the Bluetooth headset allows the user to switch between a conversation on the CB radio to an incoming call and talk hands-free. Making for an effortless transition between a CB conversation and an incoming call.


New two-way radio capable of receiving FM signals with a larger spectrum to offer the best audio clarity. This CB radio offers the best of both worlds. AM for extended range and FM for enhanced audio clarity with minimal static. Adding FM capabilities to AM CB radios doesnt substantially change how they operate but will improve user experience. When communicating to someone nearby FM requires less volume adjustment and you will experience less static. Use the AM Channel 19 on these CB radios for truckers to engage in monitoring multiple non-local conversations simultaneously. Works with existing antennas. No special equipment to purchase. In response to FCC changes in 2021 CB radios can now incorporate FM as a viable mode. This full-featured unit delivers 4 watts of power and grants access to all 40 channels (the max allowed by the FCC). With a built-in microphone for quick and easy connectivity via the front panel 4-pin mic connector you will easily communicate. This AM FM CB radio also comes equipped with an SWR meter to optimize antenna performance for peak efficiency. Other features include NB and ANL for noise mitigation and RF gain control to enhance reception power plus mic gain to boost outgoing volume. The large digital display enhances visibility and the external CB speaker port expands audio options. Crafted with a durable composition of 60 percent steel and 30 percent heavy-duty plastic components this CB radio offers top-notch performance and reliability.

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