October 13, 2015 2:23:16 PM EDT
  • Mobile Home-CookingWhat Trucking Means to Me

    There are easier jobs and safer jobs, jobs that pay more and that offer better benefits, but for many truckers, there is simply no other job. We asked several professional drivers what trucking means to them. Here's what they told us:MORE...
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    A career behind the wheel doesn’t have to mean poor health. We researched the issues and talked to members of our RoadPro Pro Driver Council about their on-the-go habits, that can contribute to their health. Here’s the most helpful information we found:MORE...

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  • Why I Became a TruckerWhy I Became a Trucker

    There's no one path to becoming a trucker. Some people grew up in trucking families while others have felt an irresistible attraction to the big rigs since childhood. We asked a number of truckers – some company, some independent – why they climbed behind the wheel. Here's what they told us: MORE...

Jeff Clark
RoadPro Pro Driver Council Member


Jeff resides in Kewaunee, WI and has been driving truck for over 20 years. He has been an owner/ operator for 11 years. Jeff is also the founder of Truckin' Runners, and member of Freightliner® Team Run Smart.

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