July 28, 2015 11:18:09 AM EDT
  • Big Trucks, Big HeartsBig Trucks, Big Hearts

    People who don’t know truckers can get the wrong impression about them. An outdated outlaw image perpetuated by Hollywood, imposing trucks and unfamiliarity with the real nature of the job can lead people to believe that truckers are all swagger. In fact, truckers are remarkably generous people — on the road or off. MORE...
  • What Would You Change?What Would You Change?

    “Everything.” That’s the first response we received when we asked truckers what they would change about the trucking industry. Absolutely everything. Digging a little deeper, it didn’t take long to figure out that “everything” is interchangeable with... MORE...

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  • What these truck drivers wish they knew then"Everything Matters" - What These Truckers Wish They Knew Then

    Every profession has a learning curve. New truckers learn by experience and, if they’re lucky, from veteran drivers. We asked two professional drivers with more than 60 years’ experience combined what they wish they’d known when they started and what advice they would give to others. MORE...

Maggie Stone
RoadPro Pro Driver Council Member


Maggie is an owner/operator since 1992, who drives a 1999 Peterbuilt 379 and owns MissFit Trucking. She was also voted and won Overdrive's Most Beautiful contest. Maggie hauls livestock, cattle, and hogs.

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