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  • Henry AlbertIndustry Expert Starts Over Again

    When Henry Albert, owner of Albert Transport Inc. and a RoadPro Professional Driver Council Member, recently bid a temporary farewell to his state-of-the-art Freightliner Cascadia Evolution, he had somewhat of an epiphany: Life is good even if you have to get back to the basics. MORE...
  • Well restedWell-Rested

    Truck drivers are no strangers to erratic sleep patterns. They can drive odd hours and weekends when most people are at home, tucked into bed. But that’s not to say they can’t practice good sleep habits. MORE...
  • Smart phones & carriersNavigating the Information Highway

    It's the age of information. Choosing a device and a carrier with which to connect yourself has become an important business decision, and the options continue to grow as the market continues to expand. MORE...
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RoadPro Pro Driver Council Member, Libby Clayton

Libby Clayton
RoadPro Pro Driver Council Member


Libby is a company driver for Dillard's and has been driving for 7 years. She was voted OverDrive's Most Beautiful Runner-Up in 2013. Libby especially enjoys the lifestyle of being on the road and cooking with RoadPro products.

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