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About The RoadPro Family of Brands


Living Life On the Road
Life on the road can be challenging. But mention "life on the road," and we associate a wide range of experiences. In some instances, it's as simple as the song, "On The Road Again," made famous by Willie Nelson. For others, it's an experience remembered of extreme weather, mechanical break-downs in some small town, poor directions that adds an hour or two before reaching your destination or an exceptionally nasty driver, just to mention a few.

When we dream, we dream big and we dream positive. On the road, our dream is pure freedom, excitement, and independence, with a positive singular focus and nothing to worry about. However, when reality sets in and we realize life on the road requires an effort, it's all too common to find bad food with unfriendly surroundings, restrictive parking opportunities, poor sleeping hours, and time away from family and friends.

The road can be lonely. The surroundings can be unfamiliar. Contact with others is often challenging and your level of comfort, well, it's just not home.

That's where the RoadPro Family of Brands helps you. It's your one complete source of brands offering a variety of product solutions that deliver the convenience, safety, and comfort you are seeking while on the road. These product brands range from rugged apparel and durable appliances and accessories that plug into your cigarette lighter, to personal audio and power, all specifically designed to bring many comforts of home to the road.

You've seen our products on the road already. It's true. The RoadPro Family of Brands has been a supplier of travel-related and general merchandise for over 50 years with some brands, and 20+ years for nearly all the rest. We have weathered the test of time. Our products have been your travel companion for generations. Our Family of Brands products are recognized at retail outlets and travel centers throughout the United States. 

Add a comfort of home to your next trip.


The Brands
RoadPro® Family of Brands is distinctly created to provide the Comforts of Home to the Road. With truck & auto products, travel gear, and mobile electronics, our brands offer safety, convenience, comfort and connectedness to on-the-go consumers. The RoadPro Family of Brands delivers product quality at a great value.


RoadPro Family of Brands

RoadPro Family of Brands


Proud Supporter of Brittany's Hope
The RoadPro Family of Brands is a proud sponsor of the Brittney’s Hope Foundation. Inspired by a young woman whose life among us was cut short, we share her belief, that it is a “fundamental right every child to have the love and security of a family.”

  Brittany's Hope