June 23, 2017 6:18:37 AM EDT


RoadPro Family of Brands


The Original RoadKing®    
RoadKing microphones have been around since the creation of the interstate; that’s over 50 years! RoadKing’s rugged handheld microphones feature dynamic noise-cancelling designs with excellent voice response characteristics. 

Wilson®    The Name in Over-the-Road Communications
Wilson offers a unique line of antennas and CB accessories that utilize innovation and cutting-edge technology to provide superior power and versatile communications.

MobileSpec®    Connect. Listen. Live.
MobileSpec empowers your mobile lifestyle with design-savvy, innovative, quality electronics & accessories that are easy to shop. Electronics enthusiasts will find everything they need to Connect, Listen and Live life to the fullest.

RoadPro®    On-The-Go Living
RoadPro brings the comforts of home to the road with auto accessories and general travel merchandise that offer convenience, safety, comfort and leisure...at a great value.

PowerDrive™    Rugged Power That Drives Your Lifestyle
PowerDrive offers a complete line of inverters converting a vehicle's battery power to household power, providing you with the rugged power that drives your lifestyle.

K40 Antennas and Accessories™    
K40 Antennas and Accessories offers quality, time-tested CB and 10-meter radio antennas and accessories that are durable enough for the rugged lifestyle of the professional driver.

Astatic™    World Famous Radio Mics
Astatic offers a full line of CB microphones and accessories that deliver durability and high quality, noise-canceling technology developed from years of proven experience in over-the-road communications.

Francis®    The Finest Fiberglass Antennas
Francis offers the most unique and durable antennas on the market with products that are "Made in the USA." Professional drivers and CB enthusiasts will find everything they need to connect and communicate with complete confidence.

BlackCanyon Outfitters™    
BlackCanyon Outfitters suits your outdoor lifestyle with quality men's clothing and accessories. Whether at work or play, expect durable, comfortable, stylish products at a great value.
  BlackCanyon Outfitters

LUMAgear®    Personal Lighting
LUMAgear offers a full line of flashlights and spotlights featuring LED technology for longer life, creating more value for your money.