August 18, 2017 4:17:00 PM EDT



PowerDrive 2.0 - Powerful, Mobile, Convenient


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Driving a truck all day is tough enough, and at the end of the day why not make it a little more comfortable with the electronic conveniences from home. With PowerDrive you’ll be able to power them all with our complete line of professional, durable, high quality grade inverters. PowerDrive allows you to convert your truck’s battery power to household power for electronic devices, small appliances, entertainment and office systems – virtually anything.

PowerDrive delivers powerful, mobile, flexible power supply solutions that convert your vehicle's battery power (DC) to household power (AC) keeping your devices powered and you on-the-go.

From high quality components that deliver up to 3,000 continuous watts

From Bluetooth enabled circuitry, free mobile-paired app, and removable remote control that allows remote connectivity to
monitor and customize performance

With Multi-, Diverse (AC, DC and USB) Power Outlets, and options including Swivel Direct Plugs (to mount in tight spaces), and Battery Cables to conveniently allow installation

With a Voice Alarm (to provide four status warnings), Auto Safety Turn-off (to prevent temperature swings and overload), Output Wattage Indicator (that provides a digitally numeric or visual indicator to actively monitor performance), Replacable Fuse (if necessary, to enable long-life performance with low-cost maintenance)

With an illumiating aerospace design that glows to reinforce that power is active

With an ABS PVC Composite Housing that is tough and rigid to protect electronic components from abrasion and damage



PowerDrive is a member of the RoadPro® Family of Brands.